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Its always sunny here {Better Weather}

Fantastic weather app.


Better Weather (Free)


Better Weather will give you a new experience to enjoy weather forecast like you’ve never seen before. It provides tons of animated graphic designs to represent each weather condition. It allows you to enjoy playing around with the UI objects. You can adjust movements, rotations and sizings all of the objects on the screen as much as you like ! This app also comes with more themes to be added through in-app theme store.

Features : 
- Animated weather conditions with beautiful graphic 
- Interaction with all objects in the screen, drag drop, rotate, expand 
- Current temperature with highs and lows 
- Current wind speed, humidity, visibility 
- Current time with time zone support 
- Today Sunset and sunrise time 
- Weather and times detail for unlimited number of cities 
- Five days forecast 
- Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit 
- Switch between 24 HR and 12 HR time display 
- Switch between Metric and U.S. units 
- Sharing your weather screen to Facebook, Twitter 
- Prevent Auto-lock support 
- More themes can be downloaded through in-app purchase

New in version 1.2
PLAY MODE !! - See and Play any weather condition you want ! 
- Add location from Location Service 
- Search location from zip code 
- Search result details for each location 
- Email Sharing 
- iOS 5 Fixed 
- Improved Performance 
- New Splash screen

New in version 1.3
- Slideshow mode - Make your weather screen as slideshow
- “The Stage” Theme is now Available in Better Weather Store !!!
- Improved Location Search (search when text changed)
- Fixed NotificationTextView

To see more info and Better Weather in action, visit

It’s easy to use, a lot info, high quality graphic, and IT’S FREE !!
Download Now !! To Feel a New Forecast Experience !!



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