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Sketch in style {JotStudio}

Minimalistic and cool sketching app to use withJot by Adonit.


JotStudio (Free)

Paper had a good run. JotStudio is a collaging and sketching app calibrated for a precision stylus rather than a finger. JotStudio was built specifically to be used with Jot by Adonit; the most precise stylus on the market. Downloading JotStudio is FREE for one week only. At the end of that week we will be raising the price to $1.99.

Thanks to all our Kickstarter supporters!

What can JotStudio be used for? Anything.
+ Take legible notes in class or in a status meeting.
+ Collect inspirational photos and sketch designs around them
+ Document a great meal with photos, ingredients, and insightful comments
+ Diagram blood circulation on an image of a heart or the flow of traffic through an urban landscape
+ Storyboard the next ground-breaking UI experience or award-winning Sundance film

+ More Precision
JotStudio overwrites the default finger offset, giving you 100% accuracy with the world’s most accurate stylus - Jot. Fingers aren’t meant for drawing, so we engineered JotStudio with a stylus in mind. 

+ Inspiration Board
Easily collage images in your creative space. JotStudio’s manipulation tools allow you to crop, scale, rotate, copy, and paste. No other sketch app gives you this much control with your photos. 

+ Tools of the Trade
Every wizard needs a wand. JotStudio arms you with a pencil, art pen, art chisel, and an eraser. Make your mark with a large assortment of colors from JotStudio’s palette. 

+ Quick Tool Navigation
With the swipe of a finger, your creative arsenal is available instantly. The menu is there when you need it, but stays out of your way when you’re on a roll. No scrolling through hundreds of unnecessary brush sizes. Set your color palette once, and your favorite colors are ready the next time you open your palette. 

+ Organize Your Thoughts
Assign different colored bookmarks for all of your interests. Filter by bookmark color to get to your project quicker. Rearrange your pages into an order that works for you. 

+ Bigger Real Estate
Your creativity shouldn’t be hindered by menus and boundaries. JotStudio allows you to draw to the edge of the screen. More space = more ideas.

+ Digital Canvas
JotStudio is for all form of scribe. Grid paper for math, lined paper for note taking, storyboards for Spielbergs, and blank paper for everything else. If you have an idea, we have a canvas. 

+ Easy Share
Get feedback from colleagues, or reveal your masterpiece to the world. You can export to a JPG or print right from JotStudio. 

This is the first release of many because there is more to come. Each update will build the app into something greater without sacrificing the high level of quality found in every Adonit product. 

We will be hosting an ongoing conversation for feedback on the current version of JotStudio, as well as what the future looks like. As JotStudio grows we will be raising the price, so get it while it’s hot.



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