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Dribbble! in style {Courtside}

Yet another cool and stylish Dribble browser app.


Courtside (free)

Courtside is a full-featured Dribbble client specifically developed for the iPad. Enjoy your favorite Dribbble shots from the best seat in the house — Courtside! 

Some unique features of Courtside:

* Shots are presented using infinite vertical scrolling with option to show 2, 3, or 4 shots per row
* Sharing support for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote, photo album, email, etc.
* Bucket support allows user to create as many named buckets (light boxes) as they desire and share buckets with others, move shots between buckets, etc.
* Gesture support on shots throughout the app — tap to drill down, two finger tap to save to selected bucket, swipe to save to current target bucket, long press to share
* Player view with player lookup — type any part of a player name or username and get an instant, client-side filtered list of players
* Tagged shot support with instant, client-side searching of tags. Tag list is primed with popular tags and learns as you use Courtside
* iOS4.2 compatible with multitasking support



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