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Digital photo album {Album App}

Cool digital photo albums.


Album App ($3.99)

Album App makes it easy to create digital photo albums on your iPad! Show your family and friends your photo albums on a presentation way. Edit, scroll and view your albums in only a few touches. Album App is easy to use and comes with several options:

Edit mode
When creating your album you have several options at your finger tips. Choose a background (or full photo), add photos, text and objects or use one of the pre-designed layouts. 

Facebook and Flickr
Do you have all your photos on Flickr or Facebook? Album App makes it easy to import photos from your account to your iPad.

Easy templates
Album App has 30+ kinds of layout options. Choose a template, tap to add a photo and you are done!

We offer 5 themes from the start: Album covers, plain colors, modern, fancy and fun to make your albums look even better. 

** Your vote counts **
We love our products and constantly work on improving the user experience. On our product website ( we have a poll with expansion options. Themes, layouts, or functional options will be offered in the future.



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