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Photoshop on the go! {Adobe Photoshop Touch}

Cool photoshop-style ipad app.


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Photoshop Touch app {Adobe® Eazel for Photoshop®}

Great app from Adobe for creating beautiful paintings.

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Control Photoshop with iPad {Adobe® Nav for Photoshop®}

Interact with Photoshop right from your iPad.


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Future cool app {Photosmith}

A cool Adobe Lightroom companion application on iPad.

Photosmith (TBA)

Photosmith is the culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears from two independent developers over far too many months. We wanted to make a premier photo app, easy enough for the Average Joe and powerful enough for professional photographers. Most of us fall somewhere in between, but many of us have the same need- to organize our photos. Now that everything has gone digital, we have more photos than ever, and a bigger and bigger need to keep them organized.

Adobe’s Lightroom has become the number one choice for digital photo management. But it requires a desktop or notebook computer, and while very powerful, isn’t suited for a tablet. The iPad allows you to download your pictures directly from the camera using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. However, the built-in Photos App doesn’t offer any sorting, categorizing, or practically anything other than viewing, and even that is limited.

Photosmith bridges this gap. Now photographers can take their pictures in the field, download them to the iPad, and use Photosmith to review their images, add to custom collections, filter by certain criteria, assign metadata, and filter by that data. Photosmith also fills a critical gap in the photographer’s current mobile workflow- allowing full 1:1 zoom of even 21 megapixel RAW images.

Most importantly, all this data can be synchronized with Adobe’s Lightroom. Instead of duplicating efforts or trying to import through iTunes, Photosmith syncs directly to Lightroom on Windows or Mac using the Photosmith Lightroom Plugin. All photos (RAW or JPG) and all metadata is transferred over wirelessly. In addition, photos can be sent to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, or email; and when supported, all keywords and captions are sent as well.

What would a tour about a photo app be without screenshots? It’s time for some eye candy! Click on any picture for the full version. All shots are actual screenshots from the app.


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