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Future cool apps {Vimeo for iPad}

Finally Vimeo official app for iPad.


Vimeo for iPad (TBA)

Vimeo is unleashing a handful of mobile apps here at CES. First, the company has announced mobile software is now available for Android (Gingerbread) and Windows Phone (Mango) sporting upload functionality and ‘watch later’ queue management. Absent from the PR below is the upcoming iOSoverhaul what will welcome iPads to the party — due out later this month. Enabling Full HD streaming on the Apple slate, the updated app includes an editor with access to the Vimeo Music Store, browse-while-watching capabilities and functions of the regular ol’ apps. For a smattering of screens shots from the aforementioned devices, hit the gallery below.


Future cool apps {The Future of Comedy App}

Cool comedy app.

The Future of Comedy App (TBA)

Adam Deutsch approach to The Future of Comedy App. 


Future cool apps {Amplitude No9}

Cool UI for a future cool app.

Cool UI from Benn Raistrick


Future cool apps {Device Scout}

A cool looking UI.

Device Scout (TBA)

Great looking app what suppose to tell you everything about your iPad device. App by Jason Wu.


Future cool apps {Kiosque}

Cool looking app Kiosque

Kiosque (TBA)

A magazine selling app by  Jeremy Sallée


Future cool apps {Woodpad}

An Awesome UI for iPad. Hope someone will make an app from this soon.

Woodpad (TBA)

Subtile textured wood and metal gives this user interface a realistic look.



Future cool apps {Fotoloft}

A stylish app for Gallery.

Fotoloft (TBA)

A application for Fotoloft , a gallery in Moscow Russia.


Future cool apps {Radiopad Classic Style}

Beautiful UI for iPad.

Radiopad Classic Style (TBA)

This high-res user interface is completely customizable with very organized layers. Can be used as tablet/smartphone/website user interface apps or websites.


Future cool apps {Battlefield 3}

Cool game fro EA!

Battlefield 3 (TBA)

EA Mobile is bringing one of the biggest FPS franchises in the world of gaming onto the iOS platform. The game will be EA’s second drive into this exciting genre following in the footsteps of the incredibly successful Battlefield: Bad Company 2. AAA graphics and fine-tuned controls combine in the best FPS experience on iOS this year. Engage in thrilling singleplayer or in competitive MP against your friends. Upgrade your character and improve your gear to become the ultimate fighting machine.


Future cool apps {IdeaDrower}

A stylish idea collection and organizing app.

IdeaDrower (TBA)

IdeaDrower is a set of tools for collecting, organizing, and analizing information in a visual way.The application lets the user collect information from different sources and create new one through a set of provided tools.The information is collected and created in “spaces”, a user can have many spaces and they can be organized in groups and exported in different ways and formats.All the spaces and the information inside them is stored locally in the device and backed up in a Dropbox or iCloud account.
Integration with platforms:The plan is to work with the APIs of Dropbox, Evernote, CloudApp and GoogleDocs so you can pull your resources from those platforms.

Future cool apps {Hyperlinks}

Stylish upcoming app from The Skin Factory

Hyperlinks (TBA)

A preview of the design elements of our upcoming iPad application - Hyperlinks.


Future cool apps {Machinarium}

Beautiful Machinarium on iPad next month

Machinarium (TBA)

According to Pocket Gamer, the critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure title, Machinarium, is being ported from Valve’s Steam platform to the iPad. The game was originally built in Flash and developer Amanita Design has been busy at work porting it for quite some time.

“We want to bring it to iPad, but it won’t happen soon as it’s very complicated to rebuild the game with a completely new engine,” they said last December. However, it now looks like the game may be coming next month.

“It’s almost finished, but we still need to fix a lot of small bugs and test it properly. It should be ready during the next month…hopefully,” said Amanita Design’s founder Jakub Dvorský.

The game is a very interesting mix of puzzle solving and point-and-click adventure gaming. It has a dark, moody, and futuristic (or robotic) atmosphere. It has sometimes been described as a steampunk themed game. Your object is to locate various items throughout sections of the different levels, you must then combine them to move forward. You also have to cleverly manipulate the world around you.

Machinarium should be a great fit for the iPad’s touchscreen based controls. Look for it soon.


Future cool apps {The Dark Meadow}

Stunning graphic game coming in August to iPad.

The Dark Meadow (TBA)

Created by Chicago-based Phosphor Games Studios, the game is set in an abandoned hospital, where naturally, things are about to go wrong.

To defeat the bad guys (and there are many), you are armed only with a sword and crossbow.

According to studio art director, Jarod Pranno:

The inspiration for the combo was really from horror movies. You know the scene where the monster is down the long hallway and it’s coming for the hero? He’s unloading all this ammo into the monster and it slows down a bit, but the monster still ends up reaching him. Then the hero needs to pull out an axe to finish it off.

The Dark Meadow looks like a fantastic game and definitely one you’ll be hearing more about at AppAdvice once the game is released for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.


Future cool apps {Google+ for iPad}

Beautiful concept of Google+ for iPad

Google+ for iPad (TBA)

Cool concept for Google+ for iPad, we found on Dribbble from German designer Lucas Bugla. Google pay attention :)


Future cool apps {Epoch}

Cool action shoot game.

Epoch (TBA)

Epoch is a Combat Action Game for iOS

When a long-dormant robotic soldier re-boots, it finds itself in a city blasted by war. A once thriving civilization has been brought low, its crumbling buildings patrolled by machines whose only purpose now is to fight.  But what happened to the people?  How did things turn so bad so quickly?  And how can the soldier find the one person he was originally assigned to protect?

Unravel the Mystery

Follow the echoes of a lost civilization in a visually-stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive to fight a never-ending war.  Fight towards your goal and piece together the fragments to reveal exactly what happened when the old world ended.  Is this the dawn of a new Epoch?

Choreograph the Action

Control your character with intuitive finger swipes. Make split-second decisions, take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch countermeasures!

Fight & Improve Gameplay

Fight escalating waves of robots in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself with pieces torn from your fallen enemies!

Stunning AAA Visuals

The world of Epoch is rendered using the Unreal Development Kit from Epic Games, the same engine used to create the visuals of the award winning Infinity Blade. Epoch is a universal app that takes advantage of the power of iPhone 4 and iPad2!

Unique Cinematic Experience

The game uses a seamless blend of player-controlled action and cinematics to deliver a uniquely immersive experience!

Release DateFourth Quarter 2011

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