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Sorry for the delay!

To all our followers. 

We are really sorry for not writing in long long time. 

We are going to update our app and move continue with daily updates of stylish and cool apps.

Stay tuned!

Stylapps team.

Stylapps update 1.1 is out now

  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Button for Free only apps
  • Minor bugs fixes

Download it’s free!

Stylapps - Part 5 (other cool stuff)

Another week another Stylapps feature. This time we talk about rest of the cool features.

1) Search. Sorry Tumblr, but we have much better search inside Stylapps.Type whatever comes to mind in the search box, you are bound to find a stylish app anyway.

2) App Store button. With a single click of a button, you can buy any app you like in App Store.

3) Two fingers swipe. One finger swipe let you turn over one page, than a two-fingers swipe let you jump 10 pages.


So if you did not get it yet - go grab it it’s free!


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For those who interested in advertising your app with our blog, we have nice proposal. 

We have:

Just send us e-mail. 

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Thanks you!

Stylapps - Part 4 (In-app web browser)

Another week another cool Stylapps feature. This time its a in-app web browser.

If you wish to see a developer’s web page, here you can do it without leaving the Stylapps.

Our application has its own simple and elegant web browser.


So if you did not get it yet - go grab it it’s free!


Stylapps - Part 3 (Tell a friend) + update info

Yet another cool feature of Stylapps.

Not original, but really handy feature of telling someone about great app you found in Stylapps. Go on spread the buzz!

!!! We are cooking the update to Stylapps which will be featured Twitter and Facebook intergration so you would not be limited only to emails.


So if you did not get it yet - go grab it it’s free!


Stylapps - Part 2 (Favorites)

Here comes another cool feature of Stylapps.

While browsing among stylish and cool application , your decided to favorite any app you like, then just press fav button  and app will be added to «your favorite» section, where it will be stored for further references.

Simple and easy.


So if you did not get it yet - go grab it it’s free!


BIG NEWS! Stylapps is out in App Store!

Our own app - Stylapps is out now!

Now you could see all stylish application for iPad right on your iPad.

Chech this out!

Stylish apps in style {Stylapps}

Our own stylish app about all stylish , cool, unique and exiting applicationы for iPad.


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Gossip, gossip {The Hollywood reporter for iPad}

Gossip is here. Read all your favorite news from Hollywood reporter in stylish way!


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Sin(x)2/2*dx+cos(y) {iMathematics!}

If mathematica is not yours strongest subject (like mine), you better harry you fingers to app story and get this cool and stylish application, and then and maybe then you could solve an equation in post’s titles  :)! Or maybe not !


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Make music, not war {Soundprism}

A stylish app for making some music ! 


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Music make me dance! {Aweditorium for iPad}

It’s not often we could see innovative approach to an old thing like listen to new music, but combine it with stylish design - and it will rock you world. Aweditorium is a new, cool and stylish app unable you to find listen and listen to new music as well as read about the band or singer who made it. Cool!


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禅 {Zen brush}

A beautiful and cool drawing application for iPad.

楽しむ !

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