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Future cool apps {Vimeo for iPad}

Finally Vimeo official app for iPad.


Vimeo for iPad (TBA)

Vimeo is unleashing a handful of mobile apps here at CES. First, the company has announced mobile software is now available for Android (Gingerbread) and Windows Phone (Mango) sporting upload functionality and ‘watch later’ queue management. Absent from the PR below is the upcoming iOSoverhaul what will welcome iPads to the party — due out later this month. Enabling Full HD streaming on the Apple slate, the updated app includes an editor with access to the Vimeo Music Store, browse-while-watching capabilities and functions of the regular ol’ apps. For a smattering of screens shots from the aforementioned devices, hit the gallery below.


Future cool apps {Woodpad}

An Awesome UI for iPad. Hope someone will make an app from this soon.

Woodpad (TBA)

Subtile textured wood and metal gives this user interface a realistic look.



Future cool apps {Hyperlinks}

Stylish upcoming app from The Skin Factory

Hyperlinks (TBA)

A preview of the design elements of our upcoming iPad application - Hyperlinks.


Future cool app {Unknown}

Unknown but cool looking app.

Unknown (TBA)

Still work in progress but coming to AppStore soon!


Future cool app {Video?}

Yet another cool design for a video app.

Video? (TBA)


Future cool app {Video Streaming}

A cool looking UI fro video streaming app.

Video Streaming (TBA)


Future cool app {Am to PM}

A great looking calendar app

Am to PM (TBA)

 I finished the design of our application and started sketching for an icon. There isn’t much more to tell for the moment. I haven’t seen the daylight today :-)


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